Downsizing Has its Benefits

Moving Into A Smaller Home Has Big Benefits


While you may not want to live in a tiny house, you may find the prospect of downsizing appealing because of all the benefits associated with it. Seniors downsize because they don’t want to live in houses that are far too big for their needs, and young people downsize to live a less cluttered life. No matter your age, downsizing is a way to lead a simpler life and save money.


Downsizing = Less Clutter

When you think about organizing and figuring out where to put all your stuff, does your chest feel tight? If it does, you’re not alone. Living in clutter, according to one study, increases stress and especially affects women. It’s natural to want material possessions, but when those possessions negatively impact your mental health, it’s time to change your way of life.


  • Clutter overstimulates you and causes your senses to go into overdrive.
  • Clutter distracts you and pulls you away from where your focus needs to be.
  • Clutter makes it difficult to relax and unwind physically and mentally.
  • Clutter signals your brains to believe that your work is unfinished.
  • Clutter makes you anxious because you don’t know how to get through to the bottom of the pile.
  • Clutter creates guilt and embarrassment.
  • Clutter decreases your ability to be creative and productive.
  • Clutter prevents you from finding what you need and leads to frustration.


One solution to living clutter-free is downsizing. Downsizing forces you to let go of your stuff and keep only what you need and want the most. As a result, you gain more space to relax. You also decrease your stress level by having a place for everything.


When you start to sort through your belongings to move to a smaller, decluttered place, it’s important that you go about it the right way so you don’t regret getting rid of things. Experts recommend that you ask yourself four questions as you pack to move to your new home:


  1. Why did I purchase/obtain this item?
  2. Is it serving any purpose?
  3. Will it be missed by anyone if we got rid of it?
  4. Do I have room for it at my new house?


Of course, it helps to know exactly how much space your new place has before you can decide if you have room for certain items there. Check your floor plan and measure the square footage. Then, measure your large pieces of furniture and your appliances to determine what you can keep and where you will put it. If you don’t need an extra bedroom, don’t purchase a home that has one. Commit to downsizing to eliminate clutter and some stress and anxiety from your life. Most importantly, discuss your needs with your realtor, Dana Stone. Dana is an expert in Texas’ coastal areas and can find the perfect home for your needs and wants.


Downsizing Saves Money

Living in a home that is too large for your family costs money. On the other hand, your property taxes, utility bills, insurance bills and mortgage payments will decrease when you move into a home that is just the right size. When looking for such a home, get estimates for these costs and compare them to your existing costs to see just how much you could save.


Another financial benefit of downsizing is lower maintenance costs. You will have a smaller furnace and HVAC system to maintain. You won’t need to pay as much to replace or repair a roof. You won’t spend as much to hire a cleaning service or purchase cleaning supplies if you clean yourself. Most homeowners who downsize are surprised by the amount of money they save in maintenance costs.

Downsizing Saves Time

A larger house means more time spent taking care of it. When you downsize, you will not spend as much time cleaning, mowing, raking or organizing. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and more time to relax and do the things you enjoy. That’s one benefit that is difficult to put a price on, but it’s likely the one you will appreciate the most.


With all of the benefits of downsizing, it’s no wonder people of all ages decide to do it. You will improve your mental health living clutter-free. You’ll also save money and time. And, you may just wonder why you waited so long.


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According to Psychology Today, clutter affects your mental health in many ways: